VI.1    Henricus OORT

Born on 27-12-1836 in Eemnes-buiten, died on 13-12-1927 in Leiden,
son of Henricus Lucas OORT (see also V.1) and Dina Maria BLOM.
Married on 29-11-1860 in Leiden to Elisabeth Wilhelmina de GOEJE,
born on 31-08-1838 in Dronrijp, died on 12-03-1906 in Leiden.

From this marriage:

1.   Dina Maria, born on 12-10-1861 in Santpoort, died on 03-12-1898 in Dordrecht.
2.   Wilhelmina Bernardina, born on 13-02-1863 in Santpoort, died 1864 in Santpoort.
3.   Henricus Lucas, born on 06-03-1864 in Santpoort, died on 09-01-1925 in Utrecht.
      Married on 17-03-1891 in Meppel to Maria Henriëtte de VISSER, born 1868.
4.   Willem Bernard, born on 03-07-1865 in Santpoort, died xx-08-1865 in Santpoort.
5.   Willem Bernard, born on 04-09-1866 in Santpoort.
6.   Anna Catharina Elizabeth, born 1867 in Harlingen, died 1868 in Harlingen.
7.   Abraham Hermanus (see also VII.8).
8.   Pieter, born on 27-03-1870 in Harlingen, died on 03-01-1872 in Harlingen.
9.   Arent Joan Petrus, born on 20-10-1871 in Harlingen, died 1896, Tennessee (USA).
10. Reinoud, born on 26-06-1873 in Amsterdam, died on 13-08-1910 in Amsterdam.
11. Geertruida Anna Elisabeth, born on 09-08-1875 in Amsterdam.
12. Annechien (see also VII.15).
13. Jeannette Maria, born on 28-03-1881 in Leiden.

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