II.3    Hendrik Willems OORT

Born circa 1710 in Wanneperveen, son of Willem Hendriks OORT (see also I.1)
and Geertje LUIJTEN.
Married (1) to Jentjen Luiten NENNEBOOG.
Married (2) to Trijntjen LUITEN.

From the first marriage:

1. Willem Hendriks, born before 1738 in Wanneperveen.
2. Jan Hendriks, born before 1738 in Wanneperveen.
3. Luite Hendriks, christened on 17-12-1741 in Wanneperveen.
4. Luite Hendriks, christened on 24-03-1743 in Wanneperveen.
5. Luite Hendriks, christened on 26-04-1744 in Wanneperveen.
6. Luite Hendriks (see also III.10).

From the second marriage:

7. Wolter Hendriks, christened on 12-10-1749 in Wanneperveen.

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