VI.72    Durk OORD

Born on 29-12-1837 in Oosterzee, died in Amsterdam, son of Jan Jacobs OORD
(see also V.36) and Sara Durks WESSELZON.
Married to Froukjen Harms OORD, Femmigjen Jans SCHIPPERS,
Geertje Alberta HUISMAN, Antje Geerts HOEKSTRA.

From the first marriage:

1. Sara Dirks OORD, born 1861, died 1896.

From the second marriage:

2. Aaltje OORD, born 1863. Married to Albert BLOEMBERG.
3. Janna OORD, born 1865. Married to Johannes RIPHAGEN.
4. Geesje OORD, born 1866, died 1889.
5. Jantje OORD, born 1869.
6. Jan OORD (see also VII.183).
7. Metje OORD, born 1873.

From the third marriage:

8. Margje OORD, born 1875. Married to Libbe SCHOTANUS.

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