VI.44    Wolter Jacobs OORD

Born on 13-05-1847 in Gorredijk, son of Jacob Wolters OORD (see also V.21)
and Jieke Symens van RANDEN.
Married on 28-12-1872 in Oldemarkt to Klaasje Jans WINTERS.

From this marriage:

1. Jikke OORD, born 1873. Married to Reitse LEMSTRA.
2. Jan OORD (see also VII.96).
3. Antje OORD, born 1877, died 1879.
4. Antje OORD, born on 1879.
    Married (1) to Klaas VAARTJES.
    Married (2) to Machiel HULZINGA.
5. NN OORD, born 1882, died 1882.
6. Jacoba OORD, born 1885. Married to Willem SCHAAP.
7. Jacob OORD, born 1887. Married to Grietje HUISMAN.
8. Cornelis OORD, born 1890. Married to Dirkje BUTTER.
9. Siemen OORD, born 1893. Married to Alida Lodewina BUTTER.

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