V.21    Jacob Wolters OORD

Born on 07-05-1821 in Echten, son of Wolter Jans OORT (see also IV.6)
and Trijntje Jans RUITER.
Married on 1844 in Lemmer to Jieke Symens van RANDEN.

From this marriage:

1.   Siemen Jacobs OORD, born 1845.
      Married (1) 1870 to Aaltje LOK.
      Married (2) 1895 to Grietje LOK.
2.   Wolter Jacobs OORD (see also VI.44).
3.   Elisabeth Jacobs OORD, born 1849. Married to Evert TIMMERMAN.
4.   Trijntje OORD, born 1851. Married to Geert van BEEK.
5.   Jan Jacobs OORD, born 1853. Married to Aaltje de RUITER.
6.   Sytze Jacobs OORD, born 1855. Married to Vroukje HUISMAN.
7.   Oeke Jacobs OORD, born 1858, died 1860.
8.   Eeuwkje OORD, born 1861, died 1861.
9.   Jogchem Jacobs OORD, born 1862. Married to Vroukje BOSSCHA.
10. Uilke Jacobs OORD, born 1865. Married to Zwaantje VEENHOUWER.
11. Lammert Jacobs OORD, born 1867. Married to Aaltjen KROP.

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