VII.65    Wolter OORD

Born 1877, son of Jogchum Jans OORD (see also VI.35) and
Antje Wiegers BAAS. Married 1899 to Johanna BREFELD.

From this marriage:

1.   Antje OORD.
2.   Herman OORD. Married to Helene Johanna SARRES.
3.   Jogchem OORD. Married to Grietje WIND.
4.   Jan OORD. Married to Marie Mathilde KASPEREK.
5.   Tjibbe OORD.
6.   Bernard OORD (see also VIII.83).
7.   Wicher OORD. Married to Gerritje DAPPER.
8.   Johan OORD.
9.   Nicolaas OORD. Married to Jantje PLEIJSIER.
10. Wolter OORD. Married to Johanna DAPPER.
11. Johanna Gezina OORD.
12. Piet OORD. Married to Margaretha van HAREN.

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