V.14    Jan Wolters OORT

Born on 07-09-1806 in Rotsterhaule, died on 09-02-1884 in Nijeholtpade,
son of Wolter Jans OORT (see also IV.6) and Trijntje Jans RUITER.
Married on 20-03-1831 in Lemmer to Jaartje Jans van der MEER.

From this marriage:

1. Wolter Jans OORD, born 1831 in Echten, died 1895 in Nijeholtwolde.
    Married 1857 (1) to Eva Hendriks BAKKER.
    Married 1884 (2) to Trijntje van der MOLEN.
2. Jan Jans OORD, born 1833 in Echten, died 1835 in Echten.
3. Trijntje Jans OORD, born 1834 in Echten, died 1852 in Lemmer.
4. IJmkjen Jans OORD, born 1837 in Echten, died 1839 in Echten.
5. Jan Jans OORD, born 1839 in Echten. Married 1863 to G.A. ZWARTS.
6. Iemkjen Jans OORD, born 1842 in Echten, died 1843 in Lemmer.
7. Iemkjen Jans OORD, born 1844 in Echten. Married 1862 to J.J. ZWART.
8. Jogchum Jans OORD (see also VI.35).
9. Tjibbe Jans OORD (see also VI.37).

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