III.4    Jan Wolters OORT

Born on 13-08-1750 in Giethoorn, died after 1784 in Friesland, son of
Wolter Jacobs OORT (see also II.1) and Jantien HENDRIX.
Married on 19-10-1777 in Giethoorn to Geesje Andries DRIESSEN,
born circa 1745 in Barsbeek, died before 1791 in St. Johannesga.

From this marriage:

1. Wolter Jans OORT (see also IV.6).
2. Albertjen Jans OORT, born on 07-08-1778 in Giethoorn.
3. Andries Jans OORT, born on 10-01-1780 in St. Johannesga, died 1829.
    Married 1808 in St. Johannesga to Aaltje Willems RAAVEN.
4. Grietje Jans OORT, born on 12-07-1782, died 1860.
    Married 1804 in St. Johannesga to Lukas Jans RUITER.
5. Jacob Jans OORT (see also IV.11).

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